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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sebuah jawaban

" cuma ngerasa suka, bukan sayang ataupun cinta"

Enak diliat, bisa melakukan perubahan, ngerasain satu hal yang sejalan, fokus dalam satu hal, needy.

Ada ga?

tolong rubah cara pandang gue sekarang juga.


nizz arrahman said...

baby girl, I know I may be doing a shameless advertisement :D

I'm creating a blog for my fictions :D
but I haven't posted all of them.. I have just created it few hours ago kekeke.

so please kindly check it some times later ;)

Love you~~

nizz said...

my bad, I forget to give you the link /slap/
it's said...

you know what? i almost died bcz your shouts.

cant stop laughing. LOOOOL.

you should check your brain. LOL.